January 2022 Agenda

Tuesday 11th January at 7pm in Heydour Parish Hall

Dear Councillor

I hereby give you notice the HEYDOUR WITH AISBY AND OASBY PARISH COUNCIL MEETING will be held on Tuesday 11th January at 7pm. All members of the Parish Council are summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the business to be transacted as set out hereunder.

Clerk to the Council:   Rowena Boden    Dated: 6th January 2022

Public Forum: The Parish Council meeting will be preceded by a public forum, for which Councillors are also asked to be present, when members of the public may ask questions or make short statements to the Council. Members of the public are welcome to stay for the meeting but may not participate unless invited to do so by the Chairman. 

1. Declarations of Pecuniary Interest
2. Apologies for Absence
3. Approval of Clerks Notes – Tuesday 2nd November 2021 
4. Updates from County and District Councillors 
5. Anglian Water Main, Oasby
6. Clerk's Update 
7. Planning matters: 

Planning Ref: Location Remarks Status
T21/0013/TPPC2 Nigthingale Lane Making of TPO Approved
S21/2062 Nigthingale Lodge Erection of detached garge Approved
S21/2285 Nightingale Lodge Variation in conditions Approved
S21/2024 Land of Mere Lane Erection of single dwelling, det garage, stables and kennels Refused
S21/2533 Tythorne Lodge, NG32 3NA Single storey extension to kitchen and create attached garage Comments by 25/1/22
S18/0944 Cold Harbour Stationing of caravans for residential purposes PP granted on appeal

8.  Precept
9.  Finance update financial year 2021/22

  • Cheques to be agreed and signed
Cheque number Payee Amount Bank balance C/F £9,828.68
315 BDG (1927) £189.00 (paid) £9,639.68
316 BDG (1952) £65.00 (paid) £9,574.68
317 R Grant (Clear View) £40.00 £9,534.68
319 R. Boden Month 8+9 £296.94 £9,237.74
  • Current balance of account £9,237.74

10.  Sycamore tree test
11.  Queens Jubilee June 2022
12.  Holes and damage to roadway at King Street
13.   Verge cutting – Mill Lane and generally
14.  Play equipment – Update
15.  Flood Prevention Scheme
16.  Fix our Funds to Fix our Roads
17.  Clerks Computer and Printer
18.  Date and time of next meeting 

The Council to decide if they are to move to a closed session to discuss other matters